Our Services

Fire Safety is our business and it is what we specialise in. We offer a range of solutions to protect your business and its occupants.

Fire Alarms

We offer the maintenance of fire alarm systems in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 BS 5839 : Part 1.

Emergency Lighting

We offer the servicing of Emergency Lighting systems in accordance with the 'British Standards' BS5266-8:2004 (BS EN 50172:2004) Emergency escape lighting systems and BS5266-1:2005 Emergency Lighting - Part 1 : Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises.

Fire Extinguisher Supply and Servicing

We offer annual servicing to our clients extinguishers to check their functionality and performance in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 BS 5306 : Part 3.

Fire Fighting Equipment

We provide a full range of fire fighting equipment with complete installation including extinguishers, signage, first aid kits and much more.

Fire Risk Assessments

A written fire risk assessment is a requirement of all office spaces, shops or warehouses where employees total more than 5. We provide professional risk assessments that meet the requirements of the Fire Safety Order.

Fire Safety Training

As a employer you must provide adequate fire safety training for every employee. We provide professional training that includes a short film covering the basic fire safety measures and the use of fire extinguishers, a practical demonstration on the extinguishers in service on your premises, a question and answers session and a tour of the premises showing the location of the alarm call points/assembly points etc. Certificates are issued to each member of staff attending the session.