In our day to day working lives we often pay little attention to what would happen if we were faced with an actual fire in our building. We at Principle Fire Protection know that it is the planning and forethought given ahead of this situation that could crucially save lives. Health and Safety office laws evolve over time and those laws are there to protect employees and businesses. We at Principle Fire Protection FIRE EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE, FIXED PRICE PER UNIT £5 + VATstay on up to date with these laws so that you do too.

There are various levels of fire prevention, tackling fires and escape procedures.  Prevention is certainly better than cure in this instance and much can be done in the avoidance area given the right advice and planning. Even with this fires can start despite meticulous planning and this next level of tackling a fire is extremely important. What type of extinguishers do you need? Where should they be strategically placed? Would an employee not only know how to use it to its best advantage but also feel confident doing so? When is it correct to attack a fire and at what point do you evacuate because at some point evacuation may be necessary. Clear signs on unblocked exits are crucial. Well rehearsed drills are essential in providing everyone with a safe and speedy escape. Principle Fire Protection can help you with all of this and ensure that you have a safe and legal environment to work in.